Centrally Scheduled Classrooms

ICT Classroom Technology provide maintenance and upgrade services for approximately 100 centrally scheduled classroom.  Costs for these services is provided through central funding and allows us to perform these services at no cost to individual departments.

Listed below are the rooms that are currently centrally scheduled.

Activity Center- AC 201Jett Hall- JH 210
Activity Center- AC 226Jett Hall- JH 211
American Indian Student Center- AISC 112Jett Hall- JH 283
Biology Annex- BX 102Knox Hall- KN 142
Business Complex- BC 102Knox Hall- KN 146
Business Complex- BC 103Knox Hall- KN 238
Business Complex- BC 106Knox Hall- KN 339
Business Complex- BC 108Milton Hall- MH 155
Business Complex- BC 111Milton Hall- MH 163
Chemistry Building- CB 111Milton Hall- MH 189
Chemistry Building- CB 203Neale Hall- NK 131
Chemistry Building- CB 205O'Donnell Hall- OH 033
Engineering Complex II- EC2 103O'Donnell Hall- OH 041
Engineering Complex II- EC2 106 O'Donnell Hall- OH 104
Engineering Complex II- EC 2 109O'Donnell Hall- OH 111
Engineering Complex III- EC3 336O'Donnell Hall- OH 127
English Building- EN 124O'Donnell Hall- OH 130
English Building- EN 125O'Donnell Hall- OH 133
English Building- EN 126O'Donnell Hall- OH 143
English Building- EN 127O'Donnell Hall- OH 151
Foster Hall- FH 145O'Donnell Hall- OH 227
Foster Hall- FH 146O'Donnell Hall- OH 232
Foster Hall- FH 231O'Donnell Hall- OH 241
Garcia Residence Hall- GH 235BO'Donnell Hall- OH 242
Garcia Residence Hall- GH 241BO'Donnell Hall- OH 247
Gardiner Hall- GN 218AO'Donnell Hall- OH 251
Gardiner Hall- GN 229O'Donnell Hall- OH 252
Gardiner Hall- GN 230Rhodes-Garrett-Hamiel- RGH 113
Gerald Thomas- GT 184Speech Building SP 187
Gerald Thomas- GT 190Speech Building SP 233
Gerald Thomas- GT 194Speech Building SP 237
Gerald Thomas- GT 200Speech Building SP 247
Gerald Thomas- GT 336Science Hall- SH 102
Gerald Thomas- GT 337Science Hall- SH 106
Guthrie Hall- GU 100Science Hall- SH 108
Guthrie Hall- GU 101Science Hall- SH 109
Guthrie Hall- GU 103Science Hall- SH 110
Guthrie Hall- GU 200Science Hall- SH 111
Guthrie Hall- GU 201Science Hall- SH 112
Jett Hall- JH 103Science Hall- SH 113
Jett Hall- JH 203Science Hall- SH 114
Jett Hall- JH 204Science Hall- SH 115
Jett Hall- JH 205Science Hall- SH 116
Jett Hall- JH 207Science Hall- SH 117
Jett Hall- JH 208Thomas & Brown- TB 104
Jett Hall- JH 209