Welcome to ICT Classroom Technology’s Requests.  Here you can submit a request for the various services explained below.


 “Smart” classroom installation

  • This estimate request is for rooms that do not have any technology equipment installed.
  • Rooms that host student instruction may qualify for shared funding with student technology funds.

“Smart” classroom upgrades

  • This estimate request is for rooms that already have technology equipment installed.
  • Describe the technology equipment that you would like to replace (i.e. computer, projector, monitor, sound system).

Video Services

  • This estimate request can be for either the installation of webcasting hardware and software or for webcasting services (i.e. streaming an event).
  • NMSU’s webcasting platform is Panopto.

Satellite Services

  • This estimate request is for uplinking or downlink a satellite event.
  • We operate a Ku Band Uplink and C/Ku downlinks.

Cable TV Services

  • This estimate request is for installing new cable TV service to your desired location.

Audio Visual/Other Services

  • This estimate request is to provide either custom installations or services not described above.


Webcasting or Live event streaming

  • Classroom Technology operates two portable webcasting/streaming systems for NMSU events.


  • Classroom Technology operates a satellite uplink and downlink facility.  Uplinks are Ku band and downlinks are Ku or C band.