Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers to aid you.

Smart Classrooms
Q:  How do I log into the classroom computer?
A:  Enter your “MyNMSU” username and password.

Q:  I copied a file onto the desktop of the classroom computer and it’s not there when I log back in.  What happened?
A:  The classroom computers are set up for everyone to use.  We don’t allow you to save files to the computer (because of space constraints)) but rather give you storage space (50 Mb) on the server which you can access from any computer on the ACN network.  Simply copy the file to your “My Documents” folder.

Q:  There is a program I want to use for my class but it’s not on the computer and I can’t install it.  What can I do?
A:  Send an email to “classroom” with the program you would like installed and your contact info and we will coordinate with you to get the program installed.

Cable TV
Q:  I connected my TV to the cable outlet but I only get a few channels.  What should I do?
A:  Using your remote, select “menu” and then look for something like “channel scan”.   Each TV menu system is a little different so you may have to spend some time navigating your menus to find this feature.  Once you have found it, make sure the signal input is set to “Cable”.  Once that is done, select “auto scan”.  This make take several minutes to complete.  Once completed, you should have access to all of the channels available on the system.  Channel 13 is the guide channel.